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Default Open Air Adventure

This was 15 years ago, in my younger and more carefree days, but I'll admit to traveling back to this moment in my mind over time, from time to time. My brother and I were traveling on a west carribean cruise. We had met a group of lovely young mid-western coeds on the cruise and, in a moment of youthful passion, just went at what we were going to do (far short of full-on anything, but raunchy enough still) right on the stairs from the pool. This was late at night, and the camera situation was almost certainly different from today, but it was the open-air adventure of the thing that gave it poignancy.

I imagine moments of passion happen quite often on board. I can't imagine, if you haven't outright offended anyone, that the person watching the camera is going to grant it more than a moment-to-recall-later status. And there are nooks and crannies everywhere. Go to it... it's your cruise and as long as you don't impinge upon anyone else's...
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