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Red face Hey Lilith

I'm very close to Port Canaveral. Do you ever cruise from that port? I also don't smoke, drink or do drugs. Noise doesn't bother me when I'm sleeping so if you came in to the room late, no big deal.

Originally Posted by lilith View Post
I am looking for another female to share the cost of a cabin for a 7 day or longer cruise. I absolutely love cruising but my husband wants no part of it. I'm a non smoker and non druggie looking for same. I do drink while cruising but not to get drunk. I like to dance in the night clubs because I think it is wonderful exercise and I love music, not to pick up men. I love the beaches, the sun and the fun. Cruising IS my release. I prefer to go on 2 or 3 cruises per year. If you are interested in cruising together some time in the future let me know.
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