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Originally Posted by john_galt View Post
The Soltice is in Ft Lauderdale this morning. She left the drydock in Freeport about 10:00pm last night. That's cutting it pretty close!

I think all Aqua class cabins are limited to two people. I assume they removed the 'convertible sofa bed' option from the 19 aft rooms on deck 11 that they converted to Aqua class cabins.

My sister-in-law is sailing on the Solstice today. I'll try to get a report of any changes she might notice. She was on the Soltice less than a year ago.

12 weeks until the wife and and I sail on the Grand Princess!
This drydock was mostly for mechanical maintenance that can't be done in the water. Ships have to do this every 3 to 5 years. The new AQ cabins were just a welcome addition....
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