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Default Lauderdale web cam, take a peek

If I remember, I will check out the port Everglades Web Cam:Port Everglades Webcam - A Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ship Web Cam
to watch the ships sail out, Usually, between 4-6 pm. Since Friday, there have been 8 ships in,and 7 today. The web cam zooms in on all the wavers, and, you can hear the ship's horns blaring, as they pass the condo commanders

As a Seabourn ship got a closeup, it was interesting to see the older demographic on this ship...last night a hot dogger tiny speedboat, crossed right in front of a ship..I could have been watching an accident in the making...many ships sail later then I would think they leave...not sure why exactly, but, in a short time frame, you can get a mini cruise fix, except, you can not then go, to dinner in the main dining room

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