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Originally Posted by Golden1 View Post
Am I correct in thinking that a standard bottle of sun tan lotion is bigger than the required size liquid allowed in a carry-on? If so, can someone tell me how they got around that? Would it make sense to buy small plastic spray bottled in the appropriate size and fill it with the sun tan lotion? I usually pack 3 different bottles due to the SPF number.
For flying the standard sized bottle of sun tan lotion or sunscreen is too large to put in your carry on. For taking on board the ship you can put a gallon of it in your carry on with no problem.

Put a small amount in a travel sized shampoo container and then put the rest of it in a zip-loc bag and pack it in your checked baggage. I personally never put sunscreen in the carry-on for flying. It's one of those things that if the checked baggage is lost I can always buy it.

If all you have is a carry on then use the travel shampoo bottle and buy some when you get on the ship or at a store in your port of embarkation.

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