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Default Celebrity Equinox Holiday Cruise Day 2

Celebrity Equinox Holiday Cruise, Day 2
Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2011

It is a strange sensation waking up at sea in wonderful warm temperatures, and realizing that it is Christmas Eve.
We started our day in the Ocean View Cafe, with a fine choice of breakfast treats; eggs of any kind, bacon, sausages, potatoes, and your choice of toast, bagels, and heavenly croissants and danishes. There were of course "healthier" choices as well, fresh fruits, yogurt, cereals, etc. The best part about it was the free-flow of traffic, no waiting, no major line-ups.

As this was a sea day, we were able to relax and do whatever we wanted all day, and this included 4 different Trivia games! We played at 9:30, 10:30, 1:00 and 4:00, all in the beautiful
Ensemble Lounge on Deck 5. We spent a lot of time here during the week, with its comfortable seating and large bar.

When we weren't playing Trivia, we could be found in the lovely and peaceful Solarium, at the Spa pool, where it was relatively quiet, and the teak deck chairs had comfortable thick cushions, and were situated far enough apart that you could get in and out easily.

Although it was light and airy, it was not in direct sunlight, which, in my post-migraine state was a plus. The pool water was lovely and warm too, and the Spa snack bar was nearby for light
healthy snacks, water and juice, tea and coffee.

On this evening, we had perused the menu at BLU and really didn't see anything that looked appetizing, so we opted instead to visit the beautiful Silhouette Main Dining Room, where turkey was on the menu tonight!

There was no problem dining in Silhouette, even though we had no set table or time, the Maitre 'D always found us a spot.
On this occasion, the 1st formal night, we were seated right next to a window where we could still see the sea rolling by before it got dark.

We noticed that formal night on Celebrity is really quite formal, and everyone looked very nice.

Dinner was certainly good; I enjoyed my turkey, stuffing, potatoes au gratin, green beans and a most delicious chocolate/orange Buche de Noel for dessert.

Following dinner we found ourselves in the main foyer where we took some photos of the beautiful decorations set out for Christmas. I particularly loved the main staircase, where a potted poinsettia plant sat on each and every step.

This soon became a meeting place for everyone when the resident A Cappella group "Full Tilt" performed, leading passengers in a joyful round of Christmas carols.

It was wonderful to see everyone in their Christmas finery, grouped together singing all the old familiar tunes,
followed by dancing with the accompaniment of the Equinox Orchestra.

In honour of it being not only formal night, but also Christmas Eve, we decided to have a professional photo taken as a souvenir of our first Christmas cruise.

And now for something completely different.
The evening's entertainment in the main Equinox Theatre was a show called uninspiringly, "The Show".
Billed as " a celestial event celebrated in this European style theatrical circus", it was a circus all right, perhaps the strangest show I have ever seen on or off a ship.
The setting appeared to be a rainforest, or perhaps African jungle, I'm not really sure.
The costumes reminded me of the Lion King, Cats, and Michael Jackson's Thriller's zombies.
There was music, although" jungle beat" would be a better description, and singing, although what language I have no idea, mostly just chanting, howling and keening. Dancing of course,
as the show is performed by the Equinox singers and dancers, but not like any dancing I have ever seen before.
There was a lot of climbing up and down sets, and of course the acrobatics of the other stars of the show; creatures in strange costumes swinging from the rafters, out over the audience, performing breathtaking stunts. The only question was, "why?"
There seemed to be no theme, no continuity, no sense to it at all, and the music and screaming just became too much.
Many people were walking out in either disgust or total confusion.
We stayed until the end, hoping it might make some sense at some point, but sadly, it didn't.

As we were heading back to our cabin after the show, we came across a scrumptious looking buffet of Christmas treats set up in the foyer. It all looked so wonderful, but we were still so full from dinner that we didn't even sample one thing!

A very different, but lovely Christmas Eve.

to be continued....


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