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Good morning from a cool, clear Texas.

Today is my 3rd Angelversary. I got that name from the web site "Parents of Murdered Children", and it suits me.

Three years ago at this time, I was waking up and seeing Jim's bags packed for his latest deployment. I realized that Joe had stayed over with his friend, which was good, because classes would begin on Monday, and he wanted to spend some time with his friends, who were in colleges around the state, and this was one last time to be together.

I called Joe to let him know he needed to come home, and say goodby to his daddy before he left.

Things started falling together that day. If I had not handed my phone to Jim to recharge, I would have received the call myself. If I had not called, Jim would have left, without knowing his baby boy was dead.

That call changed my life forever. It made me realize how very strong I could be. It made me realize how very short life can be.

I truely believe that what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Today, I will take it one step at a time. I have some more running around, but might not get to it. I need to cook dinner, but I might not get to it.

What I will do is love my fellow man, and pray for each of you.

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