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Default Thoughts on Kids in the Haven on Epic

I'm sure I'll get mixed responses but we just upgraded to a family villa for our upcoming cruise on the Epic. I told the sales rep I was concerned about how other guests would feel about my 21 month old son in what is supposed to be a private and relaxing area, but she said it's a "family" villa and we have every right to use the amenities in the Haven with our child. We would not let him run around wild or put him in the pool in a diaper. If he got loud I would remove him at once and take him somewhere else. But still some people are never happy when it comes to other people's children and I want all of us sharing the area to have to good time. Does anyone have any expereinces with children in the Haven they can share? Is it at all kid friendly? Also does anyone know if there is a kids menu in the Courtyard grill and Epic Club? I can't find info on this anywhere. Thanks!
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