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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Bruce I see what you mean, but from a passenger's point of view even with P&O's lower recommended rates, two people giving a room steward 6+ a day multiplied by maybe 20 cabins works out to 3,600 a month, seems an awful lot of money to me, + whatever wages are received is more than I have ever earned & that is before taxation! We have no idea who if anyone he shares it with or if it just goes in a big pot to be shared out anyway.
I dont believe for a minute that cruise line employees get anywhere this type of salary. On P&O, most of the crew especially in the dining rooms/ lido are from Goa, and I find it very hard to believe that over a nine month contract, (as the wait staff have on P&O), their salary is so so high. Anyhow, if they do get this amount, well done to them. They work their ass off. Listen to plenty of bull every day and never stop smiling !! What lovely people they are..... Dont like P&O, but the wait staff are nice
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