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First of all, I'm more like Todd , in that I'm not in the same class of moneyed people like Paul, Kuki, Mike, A.R. etc so I couldn't loan tens of thousands nor hundreds of thousands of dollars if I wanted to.
Now, that being said, I agree with A.R.---
Lending money to friends is, in most cases, the best way to lose a friend.
I think too, lending money to family should be called a gift rather than a loan, as chances are, you won't see it again.
Of course, there's exceptions to every rule but generally speaking, the two above are pretty accurate.
So, no, I won't lend money to friends nor give it to relatives.
If someone's hungry, I'll buy them food or assist them in getting the help they need--if they don't have a bed for the night, I'll try to arrange a motel room for them until I can get them the needed aid in the next day or so. But handing out money is in most cases , in my opinion, a bad idea.
However, once in Key West my wife and I were walking down Duval St. and this young man was sitting on the side walk and asked me for a dollar. I asked him why he wanted a dollar, expecting him to say he was hungry. Instead, he said I'm going to be honest with you--I'm not hungry -- I'm trying to get enough to buy me a beer! I was impressed with his honesty, told him so and took him to the nearest bar which was only a few feet away and bought him 2 beers -- he was kind of shocked-- I told him since you were honest, I can respect that-had you lied and said you were hungry I would not have given you anything! We shook hands and parted friends-- at least for a few minutes anyway!
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