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Default Cruiseship tragedy unfolding off Italian Coast

If you're just waking up this morning prepare yourself for a developing tragedy concerning the 112,000 ton Costa Concordia that is only five years old.

It evidently hit a reef off the coast of Tuscany that tore a 150 foot gash in it's side and it is currently on it's side with half of it under water. There are Americans listed as passengers. Thus far there are over one hundred dead but no one knows if they're passengers or crew or mixed. It appears everyone has been evacuated and they're now trying to search the ship for more survivors and or bodies.

Stunningly the crew evidently panicked as well when they realized the ship was in real trouble and started to list dangerously not to mention that even though the cruise began on 8 January there still hadn't been a lifeboat drill! The passengers had to yell at the crew to get them to start lowering the lifboats but by that time it was often too late and many of the boats were either already under water on the submerged side and not many were able to be lowered on the opposite side because of the severe list.

Sad sad news

Now they're saying that there are only three known dead and sixty something missing.
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