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Paul, of course people will jump off in panic. It may not seem right but far too many people do irrational things when panicked. They have already interviewed at least one crew member who did jump.

The latest reports are 3 dead and up to 70 missing. How terribly sad.

They had not held the lifeboat drills either. That was scheduled for day 2. Something that isn't allowed on this side of the pond. This certainly shows why.

As it happens, the lifeboats weren't much use anyway once the ship listed. I don't think that kind of thing is taken into consideration when giving instructions at the drill.

The ship should have been 5/6 miles off shore, instead it was less than one. I wouldn't venture any comment on why.

This has hit every network here in Canada. It is going to damage cruising for the new future - at least to the extent getting new cruisers is going to be 10x harder than before.

I hope those 70 missing are accounted for - alive.
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