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And - yes, the news says the boat drill was scheduled for that day at 5:00, but they were eating dinner, so I am thinking they did have a boat drill.

But the angle of the ship made the drill cjhoatic because only half the lifeboats were usable.

Those boats are gravity controlled, but if the can't clear the ship they can't get down.

But all modern ships also carry several life rafts- more thqn enough for everyone - those should have been deployed. I am guessing they had time to get everyone off - except for the people who panicked and jumped.

There are all kinds of ideas - like that a sinking ship creates suction and pulls you down, but that did not happen with Titanic, and it did not happen here. The best thing for everyone would be to stay onboard.

I can see the possibility of physically challenged people maybe not being able to get out of their cabins, but other than that everyone should have been able to get off all right.
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