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I was up until 5:00 a.m. Central Time keeping up with this. I've now awoke and see that not too much more news has broken.

My theory, and it's only theory, is that they did have an electrical problem and it took out the navigation system. This caused them to go into the rocks and rip open the hull. I am amazed that a 50 meter gash was ripped into the hull. That is 165 feet and huge. With GPS, highly accurate charts and the experience of the officers there is no way they would have hit the rocks if they still had control of the ship. At least I strongly hope they wouldn't have hit the rocks if they had control of the vessel.

I listened to the BBC reports and, as human nature is, people panicked and trampled people on the stairs, pushed and shoved to get on the lifeboats and jumped overboard. Everyone laughs and makes jokes at the muster drill but when something does happen it is sad that the self preservation urge takes over and people become animals. I've seen it in fires or something less dangerous as a halon release of a fire suppression system. People panic and the sad part is that many of them are people you would have thought wouldn't.

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