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Yes, the pictures at FoxNews show the damage. It is hard to say why it listed away from the damage except that it had to list one way or the other and whereever the damage was done there was nothing to stop the water to flowing to the other side.

I assume you are correct that it was deeper on the other side - it's just a VERY good thing it wasn't much deeper.

It is hard to say - but we should know before long. It is possible that the ship would have sunk, and much sooner, if it had ended up in deeper water. For all we know it is only listing more now because it is sliding down a sandbar (not because the intake of water is gradual). If you get what I am saying, it is possible it took on enough water to sink a long time ago, but only the sandbar "saved it."

If that is true - talk about an act of God...
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