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We were on a Princess last month and discovered that if you are on a B2B you don't have to go to the muster drill the second leg. So, my question, how do they know that all those people wandering around the ship are on b2b?
Easy - they all have to do a muster drill again.

Now if you are flying say LHR- Auckland; they have a stopover say at Hong Kong - some people leave ; some people join the flight and some just get off and stretch their legs.

In that case they go through the safety briefing again - quite correctly. Different crew etc

Same should apply to vessels.

I would wager if you asked any passenger what their lifeboat no is - most wouldn't know even if they had attended a safety drill 24 hrs earlier - maybe I am being cynical.

I have seen passengers having to physically restrain fellow passengers from leaving a drill early because they wanted to get back to their drinks.

I hope this incident has a silver lining - I live in hope.


BTW I don't want to even bring up the question of Travel Insurance.
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