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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
Seems to me that the officers that are supposed to be on duty on the bridge should of noticed something was wrong with the navigation equipment and avoided getting so close to the Island.

I know that today most ships are guided by GPS systems but come on! Someone is supposed to be on duty monitoring things.
I have posted this previously - I used to work for a shipping company which had one maritime accident - even with GPS. (The incident happened at night)

The investigation started immediately and w/o going into details - all of the navigational officers were immediately suspended and eventually dismissed for gross negligence. There were no exceptions.

I wonder if GPS makes navigational officers more complacent?

It is not a good analogy - but there have been motoring accidents/incidents where the driver followed the GPS and ended up in a ditch or river.

Bus drivers who attempt to drive their vehicle underneath a low bridge - a break in concentration is all that is required.

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