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Costa is not only owned by carnival, but this ship's superstructure is identical to the Carnival Splendor which went dead in the water a couple years ago.

It was first reported that they had a power outage and the lights did go out - the question is what happened first.

It appears the ship hit something first, but the captain came on "the Tannoy" (aka PA system) and reported a power outage.

If there was a power outage the ships GPS could have been down, as well as the steering ability.

However - I don't buy into this. Witnesses reported a jolt first, and then the captain making an announcement.

The line says they were doing the same thing they have done every week for a year. That is easy to verify. In any case - they never should have been that close to any land mass, and furthermore they have underwater radar to warn them of hidden reefs (a Canadien ship hit an underwater reef in the Northern Passage last year)

To me, this appears to be some bad tomfoolery, an autopilot error, or a mysterious shift in underwater topology that went unnoticed until too late.

George - as far as the muster drill, as far as I can tell most news reports have it wrong. The cruise commenced on the 9th and Friday was its fifth day. I believe the muster drill was held on Monday. The reports about people joking "what if something happened before the drill" were jokes made before the drill was held, but had nothing to do with what eventually happened.

I think the confusion was a language problem (read my article on the front page) and the fact that half of the lifeboats became inoperable so the crew didn't know what to tell passengers.
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