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In a sense, you can't blame the so called " Celebs " for taking all the money the T.V networks and the entertainment industry throw at them--I personally am not a "Celeb" worshiper like millions of others are.
I don't know of any that I would walk across the room to see or have a pic taken with. Again, you can't blame them for taking the money , but on the other hand, if we, in general , weren't so enamored with these people who, as Trip said , are Celebs in their own mind, there wouldn't be so many reality shows, so much hoopla , etc as there is over these overpaid , under worked and mostly semi-intelligent people.
But, that's just my own opinion, meaningless to anyone but me!
People in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, teachers, etc. are the people who, in my humble opinion, are the true Celebrities. :-D
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