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I was on the Carnival Triumph recently and really there are so many large folks on board, no one will be looking at you personally. If they do, like on other poster said, when will you EVER SEE them again?? Never. They don't matter. Just enjoy yourself. The cabins and bathrooms on board were extremely spacious, the tables at the main dining room would seat just about anyone - very few booths. The only issue I saw were the bathrooms outside the main dining room...There was a very very large woman who had to goo very badly and the stalls were just so so small!! She could not get in there without leaving the door open. Poor thing. I stood in front of the door opening for her so she could have some semblance of privacy. Beware the bathrooms just outside the main dining room on the Triumph. I am overweight (but not huge) and I had trouble squeezing in these stalls.
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