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Originally Posted by billycw View Post
I am taking my family on Celebrity Solstice in February, leaving from Ft. Lauderdale. It is to the Western Caribbean. We have cruised many times but have never been on Celebrity. My son and daughter are 22 and 23. Will they be bored? I have heard that Celebrity attracts a much older crowd and that the nighttime activities end very, but hopefully they will be able to meet others their age and have fun. Any advice on this?
I doubt it. This itinerary is not one that will be loaded with seniors and will probably have a large number of twentysomething people and definitely a large number of people in their 30's.

Celebrity has decent night clubs and bars so there will be things to do in the evening. The ports are perfect for their age group especially if they enjoy snorkeling, diving and other water related activities.

Go: They should have a good time but a lot also depends on them. If they are social they will really enjoy themselves but they also have to be able to make their own fun and join in.

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