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Default Lets wave at the locals

As I said in my previous posts on this subject,the ship should not have been anywhere near that island,all the cruise lines with modern ships enter the route into the computer,the idiot of a captain altered the course ,the thoughts are he wanted to show the ship off to the islanders,this may not be as strange as it sounds I was on a merchant ship leaving Malta and the captain had friends who had a house on the cliff tops so he took the ship on the inside course and sprang two plates we had the pumps going all the way back to Liverpool,he got a letter of censure,the not so good news is that Costa has got a even bigger ship coming into service next year,I suppose it makes economic sense but you cannot get 4000 passengers into lifeboats in a short time so 6000 is totally mad.
I have always when on a cruise thought that they should alter course when the wind and waves are in the wrong direction and so make the passage a little easier but I was wrong these giant ships have to stick to the course set they have got to big for mistakes not to cost lives.
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