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Yes, I was on Geraldo last night - but my time was cut shorty by John Huntsman making his breaking news announcement.

Also that other guy (who took up all my time) was not supposed to be there. I didn't mention I would be on because I have never done Geraldo and I didn't know how it would go.

As it was, I did not like the way it turned out - having me on just to say "the captain was an idiot" is harding worth my while. Had I known I would not have done it. It was especially frustrating because I spent many hours preparing for that show - just to say a few snetences.

Anyway --

I have just written an article on the question stiull remainiong in this incident - for example - no one has even shown us where the rocks where hit - was it by the islands or much later?

Where were the other officers during the evac - yes the captain took off- but was every single officer equally absent - or were they on site to manage the evac?

read the article here:

Concordia Still More Question than Answers We are not much closer to knowing exactly what happened with the Concordia now than we were on Friday. We do know there is a huge

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