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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
A few years ago a guy taught a class teaching people to beg for money .

In Manhattan on nearly every corner you can find a person sitting at a table with a large container asking for money .The indication is that you are donating to the Coalition for the Homeless .However ,the containers are sold to people for $100 and the donated money is pocketed .
And then there was the story of the guy who years ago got a job collecting the money from pay phone coin boxes. They gave him his route map and sent him on his way, but they didn't hear a word from him for three weeks, and couldn't contact him. Finally he showed up at the phone company to say he'd lost his key. "We're glad you came in," they said. "We've been holding your paycheck."

He looked surprised. "You mean I get paid too?"
The most dangerous man in society is the man who has nothing left to lose. -- Saul Bellow
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