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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I've read and re-read several times the Sherlock Holes stories. As it's been some time now since I've read Holmes, I couldn't quite remember the particular " case " involving the beggar.
I used to love to watch Jeremy Brett act the part of Holmes on t.v. and too, I used to love the old black and white Holmes shows starring Basil Rathbone.
Way off topic, but if you haven't you should also watch the BBC's modern take on Holmes, simply called "Sherlock," which runs on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS here. The first three episodes from last year will rerun on most PBS stations this month (check local listings), and the second three are just now playing off in England to incredible reviews, but won't be seen here until May (unless you know somebody in England who will send you a DVD).

Both the Jeremy Brett and the Basil Rathbone films are available on DVD in spectacular boxed sets. The Rathbones have been beautifully restored by UCLA. And I'm proud to say that our Red Circle website at helped promote a petition drive last year to urge the British Academy of Film and TV Arts (BAFTA) to give Mr. Brett a long overdue posthumous BAFTA Award. An e-mail just today from England tells me that the first hurdle has been crossed--BAFTA has accepted the petition, and there's much optimism that the obvious error will be corrected, and that the award will finally be given.

And speaking of UCLA, this coming Labor Day Weekend, they'll be doing a three-day seminar of Holmes on Screen, from the silents until now. Top notch people will be teaching, and I intend to be in the front row.
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