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I learned this lesson as a teenager. I was 17 years old and I lend a male friend money for a concert. He didn't pay me back before the concert. During the concert he made a pass at me. I'm wasn't interested.

After I rejected him he never had the money to pay me back. So one day I determined I would not leave his house until he paid me back. My mom drove me to the house. He refused to give me the money. He made a quick retreat back into the house. I refused to leave without my money. His mother came out and told my mother and me that I had agreed to pay for his ticket and now I only wanted the money back so I could buy drugs.

That was the only time in my life where I have lost my temper to the point I scared myself. It's a real good thing he didn't come outside of the house I would have physical attacked him I'm not kidding. I have never been that mad again. BTW it was completely untrue I never did drugs not my thing. After his mother said that I started screaming every foul thing you can imagine at the house. I called him all matter of things and refusing to leave. His mother threatened to call the police. This did not faze me in the least, not even a little. I just keep yelling. My mom is the only reason I wasn't arrested as she dragged me from the house before the police could be called.

The next day his father came to the house and pay me the money he owed. Saying and I quote "Here is your blood money." My reply was quite friendly "thanks he owed it to me." I don't regret for a minute making the little piece of **** pay me. Huh maybe that is why I'm a Tax collector now. I saw him in after of the liquor store, my mom walked passed and he made a snide comment to his friends they started laughing. Then he looked over to see me in the car. I gave him my full on hate look, he paled quite a bit. This big over 6 foot tall guy was afraid of 5 foot female me and well he should be. He is the only person I have scared in my life. I'm a mellow kind of gal normally. He found my hate not too many people can do that. He should be proud.
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