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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I have to admit, and I have said this before, its better to stick with the Norwegian and Dutch captains. (NCL, RCL, Holland America, Cunard's British)

If you think Italians are bad, you should have seen the days when many lines used Greeks. - Sunglasses after dark, bringing their Harley's on board.

When Oceanos sank in 1991 they were the first ones off the ship.

This captain is extremly strange - it is incredible : 1000 or more old people,
children etc. were on bord as he left ??!
he must be drunked or mad .
Why Costa gave such big ship to totally crazy person.
I can't really beleve in that.
I can image how sad and indignant are million of Italian people if it is really so.
But captain told in TV he was the last one ... Hopefully it is so.

Thought I don't think captain would be a great help in last 3 hours,
it is really shame : captain of such big ship is extremly important symbol.

nevertheless I think Costa Favolosa team was great - I was 2 time with Costa, and I would go in 2 months once more on Costa Favolosa.

And for sure I would make the foto with captan (I've never done it bevore)
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