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Default "proper" muster stations

In one of the Concordia threads someone pinged cruise lines for not requiring life jackets and not mustering at the life boats. I agree with the life jacket point - every passenger should know where their life jacket is located and how to use one, granted life jacket technology hasn't changed much since I first donned one ages ago. The little light and whistle are handy to know about.

What about the muster station. On our Princess cruise we mustered in lounges and the explanation we were given was basically that we might be a the muster station for quite some time and it would be better to be sitting in a comfortable seat than standing out the by lifeboats. In fact an abandon ship order might not even be given (example Carnival Splendor).

I can imagine it would be quite frightening to be standing on deck especially as a listing ship tilts you towards the water.

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