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I think number one for me is just sitting back, relaxing and forgetting about all the negative news we are bombarded with at home by the numerous sources , aka " the media ". I know there's not a heck of a lot I can do about the price of gas, food, how things are shaping up the the middle east, ( I know how it's shaped up there for the last couple of thousand years and it's not apt to change ) who bombed whom, etc. But I can control , at least for a few days, the time I get to escape from all the above and love to either sit on my balcony or on a quite piece of deck somewhere with my trusty bino's and just watch the water, flying fish, etc and forget everything else.It's relaxing to me to feel the peace and quite, hear just the swish and see the occasional spray that comes from the ship as it sails along on the deep blue!
Then too, I like to meet different people from different places, especially different countries and talk to them about everyday things, etc. And, picking up a shore excursion in a couple of ports doesn't hurt either!
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