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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
I agree. We always go to the Muster Drill, but really, when it comes down to sinking or swimming everything's up to us. The crew are trained to go to their Muster Stations. That's great if the ship is upright and has lights! Otherwise, I think the crew will panic along with the passengers.

For instance, a man on the Costa Concordia was quoted as insisting that the lifeboat's be launched when the crew had no idea what to do.

Yes, the crew are often very well trained in crowd control measures. We also know that the vast majority of passengers will panic in a situation like this. But they are not the dangerous ones. The passengers we really worry about are the ones who believe thay know more than we do about how to save lives. These people insist on doing things (like prematurely launching lifeboats) that could get everyone killed.

So the crew panicked and didn't help the passengers??????
How did those 3,200 passengers all get to shore within 2 hours from a ship that was laying on it's side?
Most of them didn't swim.

The CREW managed to organize boats and rafts for most of them, despite the chaos and panic - and the apparent lack of a Captain to help organize this.

With no upper management to organize this, how do you think that you would have performed, in a space the size of the Empire State Building, laying on it's side, half-submerged, with very little light, in the middle of the night, cold and windy, no direction or supervision, no communication, with 3,200 people running and screaming (and speaking 5 different languages), and you trying to get them to safety?

Under the circumstances, the Costa crew performed a miracle out there.
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