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I have cruised with Costa ,make no mistake this is a Italian cruise line first and last if you are English or American you can feel very out of it even with the english menus which you have to ask for,the surly house front staff will soon remind you that the flag flying at the mast head is Italian,the make up of most cruises on Costa are 60 percent Italian,20 percent French,10 percent German/Dutch and 10percent others,this is what you will find on my cruise out of 4000 there were 100 English.
What has happened with the Costa ship hitting the rocks is going to be felt by every cruise line ,the others may well be very well run but when you get management allowing ships to sail past local islands to give the tourists a thrill you have a core problem not just that stupid captain,they say it will cost them $95 million I suggest the real cost will be 10 times that .
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