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The reporting has been terrible at times due to statements made by passengers. That statement about the crew not knowing what to do, is the worst. People accept the statement as just that, without knowing the facts behind it. Those releasing the lifeboats first had to recieve an order to do it, even if they themselves knew they should. Each has their assigned duty as their part of the boat release, there are many aspects to it. It's not a one man operation, even if they had been cross trained to load a boat, release the riggings, drive the boat etc. I know all were in panic mode and didn't think of all this, that's understandable, but it's the statements of "they didn't know what to do" that gets me. Why has no one come forth and given credit to those lifeboat handlers? They got 4,000 people off in 2 hours! Someone knew what to do!
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