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what you forget Golden is that the cruise line have done this stupid thing before and got away with it ,so it is not just the captain it is company policy that was wrong,you cannot run these large ships close to islands like this,the other point I would make is that even now the Italian thought practice is still in full swing,a phone call to the ship was answered by somebody who said to the coastguard it was electrical fault,when the ship had hit the rocks at about 20 knots,also it will be very interesting when Smits start to salvage this ship,as to why are the holes on one side but the ship is over on the other side all new ships have two sides to the hull so that if you hole one side ,you can let water in on the other side to keep it upright while you have the pumps going to balance the ship,of course it may be both sides were ripped open,which I suppose would not be a surprise given the speed,or did costa crew allow to much water into the other side ,another posting has said if the price is right he would go on costa,well the best of luck to you.
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