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Default Lets move on

What we have here is a man who has played games with a big toy for his own ego having most likely turned off the satellite communication so head office can't see how close he is to land. Having dropped a clanger and hitting the rocks he has gone into shell shock.
I can see no further gain from picking over the bones of this part of the incident what is still not answered is how the ship got from it's heading, turned and ended up on the rocks. Was it wind and current or did they use the bow thrusters, I have read and seen computer models.
I think that she filled with water on the Port side the gash acting like a scoop flooding the compartments this would have created a list to port pumping to the starboard tanks would have stated to keep her upright as she lost momentum the breeze and current would turn her, then I think as she had no power to maneuver she just drifted the short distance to the rocks this would have opened holes in her Starboard that would have flooded more compartments, there was no chance of shifting ballast and se would be doomed to capsize, the only reason she has not gone completely over is the depth of the water that she lays in.
This ship does not have a basic design fault she is not top heavy like all things you can't design something that is idiot proof.
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