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Question Paul, a couple of key questions for you

Originally Posted by sergej View Post
For sure it was his first call .

And his reaction is clear, simply but not really OK.
Gregorio De Falco
Could do a lot of things he could take a boat and find the
Costa capitan .

or even to go alone on bord

How is this possible, the Captain and his two other top officers were on land and in taxis on the way to their own respective hotels. For the Record, I consider De Falco, to be a hero for his outstanding actions, thus I highly disagree with you on this.


I have a few observations and questions to you, based on what I have seen Online:

Why, was the Captain seen by the Taxi driver (whom took him to his hotel and to a store to buy dry sox) wearing civilian clothing and not his Costa Uniform?

Why did the top three ships top navigation executive officers all end up falling into the same boat?

Why did these offers refuse to return to the ship when ordered to by, Commander, De Falco?

It has been reported that a pregnant woman was refused a lifeboat by the captain, just before he and his senior officers made their departure, is this true?
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