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I agree with Belgique--- I think to say because the Captain of the ship was Italian and caused the problem because he is Italian is doing a disservice to the Italian people in general.
This particular Captain simply didn't have what it takes to be in command of a ship---period. And Costa , his employer, should have known this well before the problem occurred.
Costa is going to have to be held accountable as when you have someone in charge of a ship like this with over 4200 lives aboard and that person is incompetent there's not much of an excuse on Costa's part for not knowing he wasn't capable of doing the job.
Condemn the man and what he did-- don't paint all the Italian seafarers with a wide brush as all being bad. What if he had been Polish--would we say it happened because the Captain was Polish? Or, what if the Captain was a woman--would we say it happened because the Captain was a woman, or simply say the lady Captain was incompetent for the job?
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