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Rollerdonna and all who follow,

As Major Hopple (whom many if not most of you don't remember), "Ummm Yas" I'm going to belly up with the rest of them to the bar except the bar will be at my brother's house or probably a restaurant. Looks as if it's going to be a raw wet weekend here in upper East Tennessee. All the more reason to stay indoors, preferably at some place whose doorway Carrie Nation would never visit, at least without her ax! .

My heart goes out to you Moiraine and it too hope the angioplasty or possibly a stent solves his problem

I love you too Luanne!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping for a relaxing one myself surrounded by loved ones. And don't worry Moiraine, I'm gonna' eat if only because I don't have to eat something I cooked! I don't fix real meals anymore, just usually open a frozen Stouffer's, which brings me to another point. We always paid extra for Stouffers because it was the closest to home made. Well, them days are gone sportsfans. the only thing that tastes original is the creamed chip beef and the Turkey Tetrazinni. the rest of it usually tastes as if it came from the same factory where everything else is made. Even the Marie Callendars small berry and apple pies are all crust with a tablespoon or so of filling. Guess it's back to Pepperidge Farm turnovers.

Again, I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend and that includes you as well Phyll even though it's been forever since you've checked in.

Prayers and Blessings continue.
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