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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz View Post
I would begin with my objection to Diane Sawyer on ABC news the other day. Not once but twice she referred to the Concordia mess as "The Carnival ship". Yes I know the overall parent company is CCL Plc.

The other day Princess was barred from docking at the Falkland Islands dues to a suspected norovirus. It was reported as a Princess ship. It was not reported as a Carnival ship, even though CCL is the parent company.

I tweeted to Micky Arison and ABC and posted to JH blog my objection to her "editorializing for effect". ABC = Disney.

My understanding is that the sailing originated on the 9th with stops along the way to pick up additional passengers. There must have been a muster drill during those 4 days prior to the incident. The scheduled drill for Saturday, it seems, was for the newer passengers.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong on this.

I don't think 4,000 passengers would have gotten off this vessel without substantial help from the crew. There was probably some crew who also panicked and fended for themselves. It was not fair to report what some passengers claim that the crew did nothing without pointing this fact out.

Liz, I heard that also on two seperate evenings both times by Diane Sawyer. They need to get that straight. I plan to stay up and watch the special tonight.

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