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I was planning to watch it but fell asleep. Lucky Me!! I had a feeling it was going to be rough on Carnival. My first cruise in 1983 (Festivale) was bad, there were drunks everywhere. I remember the bar staff really pushing alcohol. There were various drinking contests by the pool all day. I specifically remember the "yard of ale" contest. Long tube with a bulb at the bottom. Held roughly a six pack. The contestants would race to be the first to finish. I remember seeing several people passed out in the pursers lobby one morning. It was pretty much the same in 1984 on the Mardi Gras. I almost swore off cruising. I did go on to other things for a while and returned to Carnival in the late 80's on the Celebration. Quite different even that early. In 2003 I sailed on the Spirit and the difference was amazing. I have sailed several more times with Carnival since then. No signs of too much partying at all. I am thinking the videos they took were from long "spring break" cruises. I just do not believe cruises are as bad as they portrayed and the videos were from much earlier times. I know better about cruising and will continue to cruise. Booked on the Dream for September.

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