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One might be tempted to draw a few comparisons between the World Trade Centers and Costa Concordia.

The ship is about the same size as one of the Twin Towers.
Both sustained catastrophic damage.
Both had several hours to get everyone evacuated.
Both suffered from communications breakdowns.

The Costa ship was mostly submerged and laying on it's side, at night, with little light, surrounded by cold waters, off the coast of a tiny island with an even tinier town.
The Twin Towers were hit on a beautiful autumn morning, in the middle of New York City, with plenty of daylight.

The Twin Towers had many thousands of highly trained policemen, firemen, and emergency response workers, managed by the Mayor of New York, Police Commissioner of New York, Fire Chief of New York, Governor of New York, Federal Emergency Repsonse Organisations, etc to organize the evacuation.
The Costa Ship had 1,000 waiters and cabins stewards, apparently managed by nobody.

THe Costa Crew managed to get most everyone off the ship in just 2 hours, despite at least 5 differrent languages being spoken. In the end, the death toll will probably be a few dozen.
At the Twin Towers, with one language spoken, over 3,000 people didn't make it down the stairways in time and were lost.

All things considered, the Costa Crew did pretty well.
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