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Over the years,we know things have happened onboard, that have created headlines. Ships also have been through fires, engine loss, bad weather,and, have limped back to port, with unhappy passengers.

Many times things happen onboard, that you would never know about, unless you sat with somebody somewhere, who had a piece of gossip, to share. The segment they showed last night, strung all the bad things that have happened over many years, to give an uneducated, possible cruiser, a picture of, this happens on every cruise, every night!
We all know this is just not the case,and, shame on them for doing so.

If someone showed videos of a family get together's over the holidays, and showed the fights, the crying kids, Uncle Fester punching Uncle Frankie..Aunt Sadie, drinking too much ripple,and, falling down drunk at Christmas, & edited all these years of video together, we would all yell, never again..but we know every dinner is not that way

The Concordia tragedy was the imptetus of the media to shine a light on the industry in a way to just sensationalize it,and, for the ratings.Sad.......

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