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Lightbulb If a Carnival cruise ship is in your dreams,then this story is for you!

I wrote this story trying to past the time until my sail away date arrives for my cruise on the Miracle in March. Hope you enjoy it. Notice all the Carnival ship names are used. Read on...

I had a DREAM I became a Carnival cruise ship. I had the FREEDOM to sail through all the waters of the world. It was a great SENSATION to feel the BREEZE across my bow and the warm Caribbean water gliding across my hull. As I sailed by each PARADISE, I had great PRIDE knowing I was carrying my passengers to their desired destination. This was not just an adventure, but a CONQUEST which filled me with ELATION and INSPIRATION. I could still feel the SPIRIT of cruise ships that had sailed these waters before me, and knew it was my DESTINY to be a Carnival cruise ship. I remember back when I would have this FANTASY about becoming a Carnival cruise ship, and my IMAGINATION would run wild thinking about sailing the world. It is pure ECSTACY to feel my hull part the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. I catch my reflection in the water, and see the SPLENDOR of myself, and think what a MIRACLE this is to be a Carnival cruise ship! The GLORY of being a Carnival cruise ship is that all my passengers past, present, and future, may consider me a LEGEND someday and what a TRIUMPH that would be. It would be with great VALOR that I brave the rough seas of the Atlantic Ocean and bring my crew and passengers to a safe harbor. I believe there is a MAGIC I bring to my crew, as they attend to their guests as though they have a great FASCINATION with them, and want to give them the best time of their lives. I would like to take the LIBERTY to always be extraordinary, and never the ordinary cruise ship, because in my eyes that would be the greatest VICTORY!
ęScott Marcos 2012

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