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I was just browsing around.....What a fun time you must have had with your son and grandchild. Just had to say, we did the opposite last March. We took my husbands folks (our children's grandparents) on the Disney Dream! It was so nice to share something with them they would have never done for themselves and for our kids to get some quality time with grandparents they don't see very often (we live in NY they live in AR).
We would love to do this with my parents as well, but my mom is terrified to fly or be in the middle of the ocean.

At any rate here is a verse from one of my favorite songs that sums up how I feel about living life:
"Some like to live for the moment,
Taking life into their hands every day.
And if they don't get killed,
They get so high off the thrill,
They could float to heaven anyway.
And others want to save for tomorrow,
Thinking money is security.
Well, I understand the need,
But I don't get the greed.
Y'know, they all seem pretty crazy to me."
~Alana Davis

Have a great day everyone!
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