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Exclamation Removing tips

Originally Posted by Julie Silva View Post
I give cash tips on cruises to the people that I think deserve them.
I have the gratuities removed from the ship and sail account so I can tip the people in person!
Well, you understand that the people you tip are then required to turn the tip into the pool and do not get to keep it? And that when you remove the tip at the purser's office it counts AGAINST them? All you really accomplish is a chance to thank them in person.

Actually a far better reward for those who serve you well is to commend them by name on your comment card. These cards ARE read by the top staff and it is important for them to get their name mentioned.

On Princess there are the "blue cards" you can hand to a staff member who serves you well and these are also very important to them. Among other things they can get extra shore leave by them.

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