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Is it really interesting that somebody whant to get more money ?
what they talking about ???

Costa and other companies lost 500000000 EURO and must lost more.

I think they spoke about that small occations only to spare big money.

If people speaks about 100 Euro maybe they would forget Cotsa and it Capitan.

Now they told that 100 rich russians gave money to crue.

As for me I would give money to save me at first but for sure it was practically impossible.

Than they speak about young girl, (wine etc.) - she was 2-3 day guilty.

That is all noncence : the point is 1 Billion Euro or more , who would pay .
and how much Costa would pay .

Cota image is now the point and that cost Billions so they try to speak about
sex about russian toursist etc only to pay less money.

And it is right so : i would do the same : i would talk with people about any stuff
but not about why I get such Captain and why I allowed or even maybe ORDERed
him to go on danereous route .

I think it Is OK what they report but I don't like they think I am an Idiot.
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