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Thumbs down Room Service Tipping - Why????

Okay - I remember when people started tipping for room service about 10 years ago. You would give the server a dollar or two because you figured he was not working a regular shift for which a passenger would hand him an envelope at the end of the cruise - like a waiter in a dining room.

However - tips are now collected automatically, and they are then doled out to all wait staff on an equal basis. So, tipping your room service attendant is now redundant, right?

Isn't it time for room service tipping to end?

I have to be honest and say it never felt to be in the spirit of the ship to have to tip actual cash money for anything onboard - and technically it is not allowed, and if they get a cash tip they have to just throw it into the big pool of tips anyway.

So - the reason to tip room service servers is now over. Shouldn't we stop room service tipping?
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