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Originally Posted by HawkeyeFLA View Post
3) Davits can only extend so far. Not really sure where they could go with this one, but I am sure designers will be looking at it.
True, but maybe there's a better way than using Davits.

4) Now this one makes some sense. [snip] *Lots* of effort will have to go into inspection and maintaining of these pony tanks tho.
Agreed. Well worth it though, if it saves a single life.

5) Seriously? And where do you propose to make this "room" inside of a 185 square foot cabin?
Yes, I'm serious. I agree though there are practical problems to be overcome.

6) Doesn't matter how interesting it is, people that are going to ignore it will still ignore it. Happens on airplanes all the time, even airlines like Southwest that try and make it more entertaining.
There'll always be some people who ignore it. That's why my first thought was to have a cruising licence, that you need to pass an exam for. That would never fly though. Making it more interesting will however get more people to listen to it than who would otherwise.
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