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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Andrew, I am not sure where that picture came from, but it shows the captain turning a different direction that what we saw before, and it also implies drifting.

I understand things can change - but they really need to nail down what happened - what actions did the captain take?

As far as a lady being on the bridge being a "no no" - I can tell you I have been on many cruise ship bridges, it is not disallowed to have guests on the bridge. I have been on bridges for hours at a time before.
I've got it fron NavSim website (a company that, among other things, manufactures navigation software). This is a Polish-based company so I guess it's not so well known around the world).

Anyways, I've been monitoring they website for a while and recently they've published two interesting things:
1. Reconstruction of Costa Concordi track; and
2. Electronic charts that are available for the area of Giglio.

I found it quite convincing (especially I combined it with news from other forums/websites e.g. the one of Chief Mechanic of Costa Concordia, which confirms that the engines where off almost immediately after they hit the rocks). Therefore I think that the "courageus manouvre" that saved hundreds of lives was just a mere coincident. If the wind were e.g. SE instead of NNE then we won't be seeing Costa Concordia grounding at rocks but she would be now somewhere deep in the ocean couple of miles away from Gilgio.
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