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Default Re: Re: Avoiding Columbia

Celebrity"s 2002-2004 Caribean Catalog no longer mentions Cartegena. It has disappeared completely from all itineraries.
There have always been concerns about passenger safety because of the drug thing
and because of the concentration of abject poverty (on levels that cannot even be imagined here in the US) in areas quite near to the cruise ship terminals and major tourist attractions. With recent elections and inauguration of a new president the situation in Columbia is now quite bad. There have been political abductions and murders and several Mini revolutions that have involved response by the army. It is too bad, for this city contains over 500 years of history and there are forts, monestaries, cathedrals and parts of the city (old and new) that are must sees. The danger to the tourists however is quite real and chances are a" fun day at sea" is better than being shot fo your wallet.
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