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That second video is really dramatic. I saw a similar tracking video on YouTube last week that showed the ship turning around to port (not starboard) causing it to lean to starboard when it hit the ground.

A lot of web site theorized that ship had a keel effect where its own underwater wash reflecting off the shore pushed the keel out away from the shore and caused the original list.

Your second video makes it clearly look like the ship hit a shallow area with its keel first and then turned sharply just before it grounded.

It also shows (for the first time) the strong turn to port right after the collision with the rocks. few web sites have shown that before - although it is mentioned in many articles.

The problem with all of the early articles is that they mention an initial list to port (when he hit the rocks) followed by a list to starboard - but NONE of the early article mention the two events are 40 minutes apart. You got the impression they followed one another immediately by most passenger accounts as written in articles.
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